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Calculus question?

The math problem i have is on this site:
Textbook:8th edition, Chapt:8, Sect:4, and Excercise:13

This site shows the solution to the math problem in my textbook, but in excercise #13 i dont get how they went from step 5 to step 6. This problem deals with trig substitution.
PLz go on that site and explain how they calculated those steps.

Ok, so you make the substitution.

So you at at step 5. int(tan[t]sec[t]sec^2[t])
Now solve this trig integral with a U substitution (Oh Jolly what fun)
5a) U = sec(t) dU = tan[t]sec[t] (Remember form last semester? If not just take derivative of 1/cos[t] or trust me)
Lookie lookie we have tan[t]sec[t]
5b)int(U^2 du) = U^3/3
5c) back sustitute U = sec(t) U^3/3 = sec^3(t)/3

That’ll just about get you to step 6.

U-Substitution Introduction 2 – Calculus

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