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Can anyone recommend me a good calculus text book? (best answer promised in four hours)?

Okay so I’m currently taking calculus 1 and we have to use this book

which so far I must say is worth shyt. The only reason I can even understand SOME stuff on there is because of the lecture in class but I don’t see how anyone could ever understand it on their own.

I need to find another calculus book where I can actually learn from it on my own(the class lecture alone isn’t good enough for me so just “paying attention” isn’t going to do it. I need to find an external source to learn calculus from). Thank you in advance.

If you want to learn a subject like Calculus then here are some resources that you might find to be helpful

You can go to your local library or store or an online store like to find books, DVDs, software and etc. for learning many subjects

You can use to many free tutorials, ebooks and other information has many good math and science tutorials:;jsessionid=50A19D00AF820003444CC1AF31F0F187 has many tutorials for Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry and other math subjects:

YouTube has videos for learning almost any subject or topic

Good luck and I hope this helps!

9.4 Fundamental Theorems of Calculus – Jeremy Shum @ Waverly Labs

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