Stewart Calculus 5th Edition Answers

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Second semester Calculus Help!!!?

Any help will be apprecited and rewarded with 10 points.

I need to know how to do this. I beleive this problem comes from the book “single variable 5th edition” by Stewart.

Sketch the curve (x ^ 4) + (y ^ 4) = (x ^ 2) + (y ^ 2)

I already tried it, and Im using yahoo answers as my last resort.

Not sure if it’s the shortest or nicest way, but I was able to get to a solution using substitution u=x^2, and v=y^2, then adding 1/4 to the v side to make it a quadratic equation, solving for v, then re-substituting, and solving for y.

I got y = sqrt ( sqrt (x^2-x^4+1/4) + 1/2 )

You should be able to plot that …

Stewart Calculus 12.2.13

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