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solve calc problems
How Do You Solve This Calc Problem???? HELP It’s Related Rates?

In a race between the turtle and the rabbit, suppose at any given time, the distance covered by the rabbit is equal to the distance covered by the turtle squared. If the turtle is crawling at 0.1 ft/second when it is 10 ft away from the starting line, how fast is the rabbit running at the same speed?

I’ll guess that the final word should be TIME. I’ll assume that distance means total distance traveled from the starting line.

let A = turtle’s total distance & B = rabbit’s total distance
B = A^2
now differentiate with respect to time t:
dB/dt = 2*A*(dA/dt)
and substitue 0.1 for dA/dt and 10 for A:
dB/dt = 2(10)(0.1) = 2 ft/s

Step by Step Calculus on the TI 89 and Voyage 200

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