Openoffice Calc Problems

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A Free Office Suite …. That is sweet!

There have been a few different companies that have risen to the bar, but there is no product more popular than Microsoft Office. Indeed, the MS Office suite is an extremely powerful grouping software. Im sure many would say, the most essential software you need on your computer that does not is the operating system.
The problem is that … his face. Not including the student version watered down, you can spend anywhere from $ 300 to $ 600 buying the suite.
There has to be! There is a huge group of software programmers who feel that the programs we all use our computers to work for us should be free.

This movement is called open source. Open Source may often have a lot of heat because they are notoriously difficult install and configure. Not so with a software suite called programs

Here are some key points

  1. provides everything most people need in an office productivity suite. It is stable, reliable and robust, built over twenty years development. Unlike its main competitor, which was designed from the outset as a single piece of software, which makes for higher quality software and experience more consistent user. Actively developed, with several releases each year. The main components of the suite are the Writer word processor (Capture screen), the Calc spreadsheet (screenshot), Impress for presentations (Screenshot) Draw graphic (screenshot), and the database Base (screenshot).
  2. is easy to use, easy to migrate, both for experts and beginners. It has an interface familiar user and is able to read and write the vast majority of legacy file formats (including Microsoft Office formats). It is supported in over seventy languages, with the active support both Community based (free) and commercial organizations (fee-for).
  3. is distributed under an open source license (LGPL), which means it can be used free of any license fees, for any purpose: private, governmental, commercial, etc. Once acquired (either as a free download or a CD), can be installed on an unlimited number of computers, and can be copied and distributed without restrictions. supports extensions, allowing users to add on extra functions easily from a repository of extensions. This is a key differentiator from the competition. is available in all major computer platforms and is supported by more than seventy languages. Our best estimate is that currently enjoys more of 15% market suite of office productivity.

In other words …. for all purposes, is a great alternative dare I say Microsoft Office replacement for most of us.

Check it out at

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Gino Orfitelli is the owner/operator of ePRO, LLC. A Southington CT based service company with a twist. We come to you!

Technotrouble: Openoffice Calc killing

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