Multiple Choice Ap Calculus Questions

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Did I Pass the AP Calculus Exam?

Yesterday I took the AP Calculus AB exam. Like many others, I thought the multiple choice was quite easy, but with a few exceptions. Unfortunately, the free response questions were more difficult for me (although I know others feel differently). Anyways, I ended up not getting an answer for three parts (not the entire question, just some subquestions). I felt confident only about the area/volume question, but not the part about the depth.

Can I still get a four or five assuming I did well on the multiple choice and got around half credit for the FRQ?

Jeepers. Why aren’t you asking your instructor this very question? Why aren’t you being patient to wait for your real mark when the exam gets passed back? When I was in school, that is what we did [no such thing as inter-what :-D ].

I think the operative word here is “confident” Truth is, you wouldn’t be in AP ANYthing, if you didn’t have a worthwhile head on your shoulders. As for partial/half credit, [I am an educator], I think that is more than fair, given that you show any and all work.

1997 AP Calculus AB Exam Question 1

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