Integration Problems Calculus

integration problems calculus
Calculus help with integration problems please!!?

Integrate the following (how to do antidifferentiion on these- please show!!)

Integrate e^(5x)-x+10


4e^(2x)-x+7 with limits 1 (top) and 0 (bottom)

its really easy!

When you do the derivative of e^(5x), you use chain rule.. you then get e^(5x) * 5

so when you do the integral, you get e^(5x) / 5 !

so the first integral is

e^(5x) / 5 – x^2 / 2 + 10x + constant

the second one is

2e^(2x) – x^2 / 2 + 7x with limits 1 and 0

(2e^2 – 1/2 + 7) – (2)

Calculus: Integration of Trigonometric Functions

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