Hardest Calculus Problem Ever

hardest calculus problem ever
is a grade of “D” a passing for a college stduent?

This is the first time I ever got a “D”. All my other grades is mostly A’s and B’s, and a couple of C’s. I took a very hard class this semester, calculus based physics, and I got a “D” in this class. I could have done better, but I had many personal problems this semester. I know I would have to take the class again, but is it passing at least? So is “D” passing? I am not sure. Thank you

If the class is required for your major, a D is usually not a passing grade – you need a C or better, so you’ll have to retake it. But if it’s not required for your major, then a D is passing. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any point in having Ds.

Check your student handbook to make sure this is how your college does it, but it’s pretty common.

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