Calculus Problems Examples

calculus problems examples
How I can solve these two problems of calculation (min. / max. Valores)?

I'm a bit lost. My book gives no examples of this type and I'm not quite sure what to do (it is the task alone, so I'm not kidding silly) Show the process also. Thanks: First Encounter a value so that the function f (x) = xe ^ (ax) has a critical point at x = 6. I'm lost:. The second A landscape architect plans to include a rectangular area 1,000 square feet in a botanical garden. She will use shrubs cost $ 25 per foot along three sides and fencing that costs $ 17 per foot along the fourth side. Find the cost minimum total. Where one usually looks easy, and I'm sure he has to find the minimum, but I'm not sure of the process. Thanks!

For second: = width of the area. X along should be 1000 / x. .. so now you have 25x 25 x 25 * 1000 to 1017 x * 1000 / x (3 sides over the fence) y = 50x 42 000 / x Now you do and 'thing-y' = 50-42000 / x ² is compared with zero: 50-42000 / x ² = 0 (multiply by x ²) ² 42 000 50x = 0 x ² = 840 x = 28.98 ~ Put that in trhe original equation and you get about $ 2,898.27 Despite better control in the first book if you have answers …

Calculus 3.06b – Differentiability and Continuity Examples

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