Calculus Problems Derivatives

calculus problems derivatives
Can you help me solve this problem of calculating the derivatives?

dy / dx = y ^ 2 (six-2x) ….. You can find the second derivative? and evaluate in point (3, 1 / 4) and show me all the steps? thanks! thank you very much!

implicit. Use the product rule (derivative of xz) = x 'z + z' X. apply the same rule for differentiation seconds to d2y/dx2 2y = y '(6-2x) + (-2) y ^ 2 you know that y' = y ^ 2 (6-2x) for connecting to the above equation. final answer should be: 2y (y ^ 2 (6-2x)) (6-2x) + (-2) y ^ 2 / / if it is necessary to simplify (And has gotten to the point x and and and fill values)

Calculus: Derivatives 1

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