Calculus Problems Book

calculus problems book
If i understand calculus do i need to take pre-calculus?

I just watched two calculus videos and did a bunch of calculus problems and i think i got it rock solid. im trying to test out of the math classes required for most of my classes. at the library i could only find calculus books and couldnt find any precalc books. Is precalc to calc like prealgebra to algebra?

just read and practice precalculus homework books. make sure you can do many of them and understand the principle. Precal is generally a review of all lower classes. I skipped my precal class and took my calculus, and still got very top scores. you can do it. taking more classes does not mean it is good for you. you can be a smart guy, and understand more advanced materials than many guys.


Stewart’s Calculus Problem 12.3.22

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