Calculus Answers Early Transcendentals

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Arc Length and Surface Area of Rev. Help please.?

My chapter 8 and 10 test is Monday at noon, so I was reviewing for it. The questions I have are from “Early Transcendentals Calculus” by James Stewart(version 5). I don’t have the solutions manual, so I only have the answers to the odd problems.

I’ll tell you the problem, page, and how far I got.

Arc Length Quest:
y=(x^5)/6 + 1/(10^3), 1<=x<=2
L = Integration from 1 to 2: (1+((5x^4)/6 - 3/(10x^2))^2)^1/2
I couldnn't figure out what kind of substitution to use

y=e^x, 0<=x<=1
L= Integration from 0 to 1: ((1 + e^(2x))^2)/(e^x)
I was trying to use tanu=e^x, but since (secu)^2=e^xdx, I didn't know what to do.

Surface Area of Rev Quests:
x=((y^2 + 2)^(2/3))/3, 1<=y<=2
All I did was put this into the formula and was utterly confused.

y=secx, 0 Ok well after looking at this again, I think if I sleep on it I can figure out. I think I'll get some inverse.

I think I have the solutions manual to that book. It’s a big blue one with a violin on front huh? If you send me your email address, I can send you the sol. man. :)

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