Bc Calc Problems

bc calc problems
Which books are good for AP Calc BC?

In my school AP students typically get a summer assignment for their classes. There is, however, no assignment for AP Calc, mainly because that class is 3 semesters long and I just took the first semester. That being said, I have a basic understanding of derivatives and integrals. I want to study over the summer so that I will do well during the year. Here are the books I am thinking of getting. Please help me with the best one.

Schaum’s Outline of Calculus
Kaplan AP Calculus AB and BC 2008
Five Steps to a 5 : AP Calculus AB / BC
Humongous Book of Calculus Problems : For People Who Don’t Speak Math
Barron’s AP Calculus
The Calculus Lifesaver : All the Tools You Need to Excel at Calculus
Cracking the AP Calculus AB and BC Exams

please give explanations as to why they are good.
Master the AP Calculus AB & BC, 1st edition (Peterson’s AP Calculus AB & BC) (forgot this one)

any of those books should be good

BC Calculus Sample Question 1 & 2

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