Ap Calculus Problems Bc

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AP Bio? Time to come up with a schedule?

I’m registering for classes for senior year and I’m having a bit of a problem.

I want to go into psychology as my college major, but I’m already taking AP Psych this year so I can’t really take any classes that go with that next year. Otherwise, what I’m thinking of is something like this:

English IV Honors
AP Gov/AP Econ
BC Calculus
AP Bio
Chemistry II
Jazz Band

I’m definitely a math/science kind of person (hence the fact I refuse to take AP Lit since I hate AP Lang). I’m in AP Chem now with a 96 average. I can either take AP Bio or Philosophy/Anthropology Honors, but I know AP Bio would look better to colleges and I do like science. I’m wondering if this schedule would be too much for me. I’m taking 3 APs (Chem, Psych, Lang) this year and handled it fine, maintaining A’s.

Do I take AP Bio? I’ll have plenty of friends along with me and it’ll look good to colleges, but it doesn’t apply to my major and it’ll probably be a load of work on top of the other classes.

You sound perfectly capable of taking and passing this class. I did and am a little angry at my college for making me take the same class over two semesters. I passes the AP test with a 5 and now I have to take the same class with the same book! Before you sign up for this class realize that your college may too want you to take the class again. I did get 8 credits though. So it’s all in what you want and what curriculum your college has. Maybe having a college Bio class where you already know everything is a plus?

AP english tests will be easy for you. I’ve always gotten low scores on all my essays and even I passed with a 3(wanted to say 4). How could someone with all A’s not like english? There is something wrong with that.

AP Calculus BC: Integration by Parts

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