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The manic Scott

The manic Scott

By Scott Bennett

It all begins with a lucid dream I had … I was walking down a football field at my school and all school was in the stands waiting for me, but had come back for the cheerleading and dance were. I remember a girl yelling, "Hey Scott!" From the stands and then another girl saying, "Look, smile!" A third girl had been until I take a picture of me with his camera. Before I did, I looked to my left and saw my girlfriend and she said hello to me very excited and my body was filled with joy and warm emotion. It was a blast. Quickly I looked back at the camera and smiled. The flash blinded me for a moment and in that second half I had not realized that he was in fact dreaming, and then when I looked back with my girlfriend realized that she was actually my ex-girlfriend now because I knew that now was just a dream. A dark wave of depression swarmed my heart. Lucid Once I realized that just break up with me a few days. At that moment I wanted to die. And I did. My body, my soul began to fall on the grass, but fell a short gap through the darkness to which then awoke to feel my dead body as I lay on my couch in the basement. This dream, I think, is what my episode prompted a month-long hobby.

The week before this dream I had been suffering greatly from depression. I had been very ill for nearly a month with bronchitis and congestion. I finally tested positive for mononucleosis after a painful trip to the emergency room resulted in a blood test. I had been in excruciating pain for days because of a severe sore throat. The pain was unbearable. I could not sleep or eat. The pain had radiated into my jaw and tongue. I was absolutely miserable. When I told my girlfriend that I had mono via text response was "…" Dot, dot, point. Do not make me happy I guess. She broke up with me three days later. I loved her and could not get it. This was the main reason for my depression. Was alone and ill. Distraught, I was on the verge of losing sanity. I did shortly thereafter.

During this week, my best friend of 12 years told me it would be sent to a residential hospital for 4-5 months with only through letters. So I lost my girlfriend, best friend and physical health in a week. Mono, of course, made me miss school for a month, so I also missed my chance of an advanced diploma. I was about to lose my future. These facts made me lose everything loved. I treasure all the memories before this point, because after these events I lost my other topic, my mind.

You might also have been acid during 30 days. I was hallucinating. I was hearing voices. My writings appear to be schizophrenic. I spent all my money in a week, all a big waste. I could see the TV in 3-D, I thought I could walk on water, I thought I could travel back in time, and I thought it would be able to fly. Very late in my episode I really thought I was the second coming of Jesus Christ and that I was going to save the world. These are some of the things on top of my head that I remember doing. I do not remember much. This may sound unrealistic, but I assure you I thought that these things 100%. He was convinced that was a super being, a super hero. I spent days upon days trying to time travel. It was like being in a movie. It was like being high in life. I was manic. I know it's hard to believe, but all these things became my passion. I was destined to take these skills and my explanation for it was that I was trapped in a dream. I woke up that day thinking that still was in a lucid dream. And for the next 30 days I lived like him.

The first thing I remember doing is to take 3-D glasses, a roll of toilet paper euphoric and my Ipod and looking down the rainbow that appeared when I looked through the eyepiece tube in 3-D he had done. Then lay on the ground for several hours watching the light from the ceiling as I tried different combinations to go cross-eyed. I will squint high off more than 100 times. Even today I still love going cross-eyed. At one point I was a garage and when I squint, I hallucinated a field of yellow grass around my car with a blue sky. Another important hallucination I had was when watching television. I would like to see everything in 3-D, including cartoons and photos also on LCD screens. I remember going to the mall and was amazed that the weather man was leaving the screen as I was passing by. One of the things I tried to do often drink water appear on my glasses to my eyes. Also I would try to deflect light and melt water bottles. I spent much of my time on my balcony staring at the sun and smoking cigarettes. I was very addicted to cigarettes during this time, a day pack and now I can not quit.

One day I went to school during my manic episode and finished writing an essay of 25 pages handwritten on why one is zero, 1 = 0. I called this equation, that of faith. I thought that the numbers were all limits and that language was never able to represent the concept infinity correctly. For me the infinite is a belief, not a number. I thought I had broken a barrier in the spiritual realm testing a = 0. This was another explanation I have given to me why I felt these new feelings. I thought that had happened.

To be mentally insane temporarily and then return to normal called slip back into reality. This happened when my psychologist and psychiatrist convinced that I was not in a dream. I did not believe them for a while until one day I noticed. Then again became depressed for a week or so, but then again a hypomanic. That's when I was diagnosed bipolar. Within a year they had been diagnosed with anxiety disorders like panic disorder and OCD and then was diagnosed with ADHD. I am currently on 6 different prescription drugs, but still minor panic attacks every day and I constantly struggle with ADHD.

Every medication I tried and I am now has been a drug experience for me. Zoloft was the first prescribed the medication they gave me for my anxiety problems. It took two weeks to give But I remember being at work when I felt a sense of buzz for no apparent reason. I felt it again the next day and when I realized that I felt more confident and relaxed. I became high on life for weeks because of my new found happiness level from Zoloft. As I built up a tolerance to the drug and got used to the recipe passed 20 mg to 50 mg to 100 mg. In that amount of the drug began to have negative effects on me. I had slight to severe night sweats almost every night for 1-2 months. I also acquired anorexia nervosa, which led me to lose 15 pounds and vomited in my backyard almost every night. He was thin and unhealthy looking. After my doctors put me down to 75 mg of Zoloft I began to reverse the damage. Never gained the weight back because at the time I was diagnosed with ADHD and put on Adderall. I was having major problems with remain seated for long. I twisted all the time in my chair and everyone had a class with me knows that bounce my legs during class from start to finish. My problem with my legs now is possibly a neurological movement disorder. According to some is simply called "sewing machine legs." So I began with 20 mg of Adderall which later became 30 mg. I felt the buzz of the early days I tried. I did do my homework first AP English in months and I really do my Spanish homework on Adderall. Another drug that was then called amitriptyline. This drug simply helped my physical condition. I was diagnosed with IBS, irritable bowel syndrome and hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating due to anxiety. This medication helped in combination with Zoloft greatly. These are the recipes before I had mono.

During my manic episode was absolutely convinced I was going to win the lottery. At a time I decided that my wishes would come true after sleep. That's the only reason I slept, but once I was up to 72 hours. One day I woke up finally convinced that he would win a particular lottery ticket for $ 2,500. I told my parents I was walking to the gas station. I brought my ipod with my cigarettes, lighter, me and my friend Greg cell phone because he had left on my car before he was fired. It was a sunny day while walking to the gas station, I said "Come on an adventure." He walked by the Fairfax County Parkway and as I thought I was seeing signs, signs. I followed the tracks and eventually I that if I stared at the sun and turns, could control the weather. I also thought I was a "shock" and that I could free phone dead Greg battery. This is when my auditory hallucination occurred for the first time I remember. I called Greg's voice mail and voice mail lady started talking to me, which is impossible. This happened again with my own voice mail later that day because I thought it was telling me how to travel in time. Continuing the journey they approached a tunnel underpass where I tried to levitate, walk on water, and dragged to another dimension. Do these things and believe that I had managed to led me to believe that would eventually become a superhero. That's how crazy it was. Although during this period told me I was crazy, I was still completely oblivious what I really was crazy.

Time travel is not possible today, but while I was manic I truly believed that I was able to do so. I thought I needed tools Travel back in time to do so. My tools were noise-canceling headphones, a non-working clock, two bracelets, a ipod, a timer, a bell and a clock that changes color. Would like to go to my basement bathroom with these articles, completely naked with Sharpie drawn around the body and try to travel in time. I turn off the lights and turn on the fan and then I set the timer for a specific number and then go out the door hoping that the world was frozen in time. I tried this repeatedly with my travel time of other methods. My other method was to change the time on my computer at the time of my choosing which later changed time in the world. He repeatedly tried to stop time with this too, and because he believed the team was all-powerful time, I accidentally keep my computer date a day behind where I left my memory of dates totally disoriented. This is why the missed the birthday of my father on 3 March, a month after that entered my first manic episode, because I thought it was March 2 even though I had set my clock to a day behind a whole month before that. My actions affected my memory.

On the computer I would like to see my Music Myspace "safe bet" because my nickname glow and the band was "The Preacher "I thought it was fate that seemed to be having some kind of religious experience. This is how it felt. I came to the conclusion that all human beings are the sons and daughters of God and we all have the potential capabilities are limited because our inhibitions. Now all the doubt I have beliefs, I question the reality of it all after this episode.

In my episode, my inhibitions were released and I experienced intense euphoria natural. It was like being high all day every day. He was in good humor, energy me and I was happy. This is unlike me considering that it started Only a week after a break up that left me profoundly depressed. I had become confident, I felt completely over my ex-girlfriend. I do not know why I felt so well or why I was watching TV in 3D. I questioned, but only for me. He took me to the madness, as I went through spiral of theories. Sometimes I knew I was acting strange, but I did not care. I was right. I thought I was Jesus.

For relate to someone with bipolar disorder, you must have done some kind of mind-altering drugs. Imagine that bipolar disorder is like having an unwanted drug in system. It intensifies the emotions on both sides that can lead to manic and depressive episodes, but to show creativity. Bipolar disorder is commonly known but the actual manic episodes are unexplained and are still a mystery to the general public. If you are "normal", then you can be thankful and normal I mean someone that does not require daily medications. I am drugged by six different medications for my mental illness. That's what it takes for me to feel almost normal. Only I have been treated for less than a year for my mental problems and grew up in what I considered a cruel world. I always struggled in the stabilization of my emotions all my life, but never knew what to do. I had to admit that he had mental problems, and tell my parents to take me to a psychologist. This has helped me a lot and have overcome many problems in recent years. But worth the years of therapy did not prepare me for a manic episode and after.

The slippage in the reality is when someone in a manic episode, finally agrees to have one. They go from feeling like Jesus to feel like a failure. I have very depressed because I was very disappointed myself. I thought my dreams would come true. I thought I had special powers. I was a maniac.

Here's a quick bio that my Mom had to write to my appointment with the neurologist.

Scott was diagnosed with anxiety in the summer of 2008. Our family doctor, Dr. Long, prescribed Zoloft, starting with a low dose. Scott had some improvement. Scott had undesirable effects as higher doses were given including condensation. Scott still felt anxious and expressed feelings of going crazy and Dr. Long recommended Dr. Arons. Where to begin psychiatric treatment with Dr. Arons in December 2008, was given a diagnosis of ADHD and was prescribed Adderall. In January 2009, Scott was diagnosed with mononucleosis. A few days later, his girlfriend broke up with him and his close friend, Greg, took Graydon Manor to treat depression and addiction. These experiences were traumatic. Scott then experienced manic episodes and hypomanic for a period of four weeks during the month of February. He was initially treated with Zyprexa. In March he was taken Zyprexa and Abilify was added and then lithium. During his manic episode Zoloft was discontinued. After the mania, Scott was prescribed Zoloft again starting at low doses and then increasing the current 75 mg daily dose. Zoloft was reintroduced on the end of March. It is not currently manic or hypomanic. Like her mother and the observer of their daily activities, I think we still are suffering from depression. Often sleeps during the day. OA reduced schedule is school day and is taking high school classes in February for to graduate. It is difficult for him to focus on the activities (other than playing music, his passion). Focusing on school activities is very difficult. Read a literary novel that has no interest impossible. He can not even enjoy the hobby of watching TV and sleeping in his place. Attendance is sporadic at school for various reasons of health, fatigue, malaise, nausea, etc.

Part 2: 1 = 0

Before writing the 2, showed me the one about your colleagues, friends and family. I also went to two of the main bipolar support websites and published my story, but I have ideas and interests. Everyone complimented me on these writings and I was very happy to hear that, but I feel the need to explore my thoughts on most of my manic episode, I mean … that was 30 days. I'll try to remember everything that I possibly can. I went back and collected my writings of my crazy episode and I found some troubling. In a notebook random I found on a random page, the words

"I, Scott Andrew Bennett, I know how he died because I killed with my mind. Now that I know 2 eyes = 1. I am anyway. Um, circles and squares. iTunes Music = = IAMMUSIC. "

I do not know what was thinking.

If you think it is odd then this next paragraph, will be very rare. It is my summary of why I wrote a = 0 for my manic episode.

"English is only a sub-circle of language and mathematics so much so that literally can communicate logical that you think that faith is a circle, not linear. The logic is linear so it can be traversed along the circle of faith. His faith is a value. Meanings through the conclusion of place values can be represented by x. If x = 1, "1" is a finite value (1 represents the word "finite"), then if it is proved that x = 0, then all you would have infinite value. It necessary to loosen its scope loose in the concept of potential of his own humanity than an exact value really is and what is actually infinite. If you think of everything as a circle, then you can replace the sense of the infinite in logic in English for effective communication. I tell you now that the equation of the faith is a = 0. But think in "=" as "?" simplify and then, once more to the point of the question mark, because it is a matter of English to infinity. One answer is simply another question. So the logic in English is solved and the answers are entered into by thinking in circles, so the equation of faith is "1 = 0", because one is not equal to zero for you. It made no sense to me either until I went around the circle logic. I know the answer because he grasped the concept of infinity. What is faith and faith is the translation of human logic in evolution. It is one of mathematics. "

This brings me to a huge spike in my manic episode. When I felt I had discovered that 1 = 0, that's when my universe shattered and I began to do all the crazy stuff. That's when I knew something was unusual about this feeling that had taken over the past few days. That's when I realized something very different. I did not know. But I was a full blown manic. I had lost. But at the same time, I thought I had won! I made a 0 and I thought I had come to the spiritual realm. That's what led me to believe that soon would have special powers, for example, tried walk on the moon three miles on the side of the road west of beef and become a dog through the manipulation of my shadow with my thoughts.

This is just A summary of the 25-page hand written 1 = 0 I have in my journals. Remember, I had written 25 pages of handwritten material in narrow thinking about 6-8 hours I had been only 1 = 0 which I thought meant that there was indeed shown to dream on. At that point I said, Scott, is everything you making them feel good about what still afraid? And I said, I do not know. Then Scott told me, you do not have to be afraid anymore.

This is what manic feel. Everyone thinks scary manic or terrible. It is an explosion. It's like waking up one day and say, I'm going to do any it hell I want to do today for 30 days. What people have to understand is just a word.

Inhibition, inhibition is a feeling of fear or shame for behaving naturally. Inhibition can also be defined as the process to stop or slow a chemical reaction.

When I said to myself, do not be afraid anymore? Then I realized that this was going to have time to lose my fears and worries. I mean all fears. I was trying so hard to lose my fears that I wanted to bend gravity flight. This is known as the release of inhibitions. Your body releases inhibitions and feel the immense euphoria. Euphoria in my manic episode was something I pursued. I would like to solve things. He could do whatever I could February 1 equation in the head and try to solve them. I would like to find a reason for everything.

One day I woke up and said, "Am I still dreaming? I must be. "That day I got out, threw a picture through the kitchen, and then proceeded to steal the car of my mother and take her home for Tommy. His mother said:" Would you takes her mother's car without permission? I said with confidence and courage, "Yes." She was surprised by what was not said nothing and did not even get in problems that day because my behavior was so surprised that my parents did not know what was happening.

Bipolar people only ever think that they really are Jesus. It is actually common. But I have to really feel like Jesus. Wow! It felt incredible, let me tell you … I called my second album Safe Bet "The Second Coming" because I thought it was the second coming of Jesus. The reason why I thought it was because one day Jesus Christ was on my Myspace strong commitment that began to shine and shine and when I looked for some reason I thought "The Preacher" (my nickname in the band) meant something religious. I I was then having a religious experience. So then I thought I was Jesus when I felt I had successfully walked on water for 2 seconds. I thought I would have to learn. But I never told anyone that I thought it was Jesus. It was not until my friend Tommy Cook at the time said he thought I was Jesus Christ and that was St. Thomas. And the strange thing. In fact believe it. And so did about six people. Why? For about two weeks to all my friends had been puzzles for me to make predictions. I would say basically the future in strange ways. I've done things like guessing the first song on my iPod Shuffle in front of Tommy Cook the song was 1976 by RJD2. Ill never forget it. One day I told my friend Ziad instance I saw him, hey dude you've been bored about 2 weeks and just picked up an old hobby. His response? "Yes uncle, I've been bored, so I took the guitar again," Coincidence? That same day I was at my Taylor Creighton friends and he played guitar and I said, you've been bored all week so he took the guitar. And he was like yeah how do you know? Me said something similar to Thomas Taylor the previous day. I said, Taylor has been so boring and hectic recently and that stops you from playing the guitar. I was right. This is one of the many strange things Taylor Thomas and I have happened during my manic episode. My other friend Martin Lee had witnessed what he had said and had Ziad been mistaken for me. There is much confusion and it had begun. Ziad asked later what he thought about the incident, said: "It was very interesting. In I do not really freak but it was fascinating. It was like, how he only knows?

One of my best friends, Tommy Cook, and had a memorable day exactly 7 in my manic episode. It was the first friend I had seen in seven days and I just had 7 days of mania and almost thought I was going to be a man wolf that night. I had all my papers in a bag that, ironically, says that music = life in it and a yellow notebook with a spiral drawn on it.

Tommy was the first to see my writings. He saw this and many other things including my tools travel time. That day, I took my two bracelets, clock does not work, and that point was a discount new rainbow-colored hat. He had a special meaning for me because at one point I had logged on to my hat for a song called Sherbert Head of Boards of Canada. So I thought I was special. I took the subway bought whatever I wanted because I had just announced that not only were we going to win the lottery, but that could melt the plastic with my eyes. I held my drivers license in light of the ceiling and tried to focus my eyes to form a laser which then would melt small holes. I tried and failed, but of course I had achieved.

Part 3: Outlook Tommy Cook

Mania is the phenomenon more confused than ever has been in direct contact with my life. When your best friend is going through something so surreal, is obliged to carry out for the ride.

On February 9, I met Scott maniac for my first time. I threw him on the road outside your garage, Coca-Cola in hand, with a paper bag and an assortment of random objects. Odd, I thought. What the hell is to go into now? When he got in the car, asked me if she looked like a traveler of time. " Curiously, it seemed more like a character than usual. A character in a movie, book … No se. It was just a character. He felt like a person completely different from me, even within the ten seconds of talking to him. I do not know why, but I felt like Scott had a sort of aura lighting. It seemed as if he had discovered the greatest thing that mankind would see.

Part 4: Perspective of Thomas Taylor

Call it a manic episode, call it whatever you want but in my opinion the case of Scott Bennett was one of extreme perplexity. To understand how this "episode" Scott has been affected, one must go back and ask who was in advance Scott. Before the episode of Scott, from my point of view at least, was a musician and friend relaxed. Some friends and I another group in Scott's house to play outside and spend time on different instruments, in some way music creation. Scott was always the first to suggest that all come together and participate in these musical gatherings. We do this twice maybe three times a week we talked about normal things like school girls, grades, parties, etc. As Scott had told me before that there was some serious tension between he and his family, but from what I said it rendered as nothing out of the ordinary to the relationship of parents troubled teens. Until one day, Scott told me he was very depressed and did not know why. For me it was no surprise, children got like all the time around Oakton. However, the severity in which Scott felt was very different, I mean the way he describes his pain was much more serious. But this was only a harbinger of much bigger event.

In universal theory and concept, everything that has happened, so we can see signs of an event to happen before it actually has, and we are in the past of that event. Without But when this case is happening in a split second, the effects of all events that have been inside or part of the building to that event, those who have state over the event horizon, feel the effects of long, those without, one feels the short-term events or events that can say goodbye. People do not know this, but they are portents of events every day. One building block is slowly building a much bigger event that we all did not see coming, but while it did in all, who knows maybe our existence is a building block for a larger event. Every day we see these events as just "coincidences" or minor incidents that little is known very well could lead to much larger reactions. But I digress this work is about my reaction to the episode of Scotts. To relate I'm saying, I have seen this coming event. He was around whenever there was an allusion to it.

It all started when I was talking to a friend a friend of a friend. We had not talked in a while and our conversation somehow leads to the music and the music of Scott.

"Oh you Scott Bennett play with? "asked the girl

Well one thing led to another and before I knew it we were talking (he was talking about) what nice that was. She concluded our conversation he informs me that she would be grateful if you were to put in a good word for it. So of course I did. I told Scott that the next day about how I met this girl had said she was very cute (I was hoping that maybe this would pose a bit of Scott confidence and not be so depressed) responded amazingly and Scott told me he had hardly spoken to her. At that point I just fell, was never one to get involved in other business people and leave all that would happen between Scott and the girl that happen.

About a week had passed before I had heard the news Scott and his new bride. When I approached the next class we did the high school pending a corny statement "to make some" and then a maximum five. After that, I really do not talk to Scott about anything, I at least he and his new bride spent a great deal of time together, and honestly just out of a relationship myself I was quite skeptical about the "love" and wanted to not be a part of it.

Now you may think you have it to do with Scott's manic breakdown, and my answer to that is everything and nothing at all. The girl you see was the event. That's what put all moving so it was the thing more important in the Scotts episode and at least at the moment, an oxymoron, but I hope that I'm illustrating my point correctly. Look, when Scott and this girl spread was only the turning point for the poor boy.

Scott I'md me the day they broke up.

Scott: I object dumping.

Me: aw damn man why?

Scott: I do not know haha

Me: oh well so it's just a girl

Scott: yes …

That conversation was there I felt normal, the subject gave boy dumping, of course, is going to feel bad. What Scott did not mention to me was all the shit that had happened that led to this (or what I had thought it did). A lot it was clear and had tried only to help him and treated him like any normal school question so many times had Scott told me he had issues family and was taking medicine, Scott often told me that he wished he could get up and do sports, but could not due to back problems, and at this time for me it made little sense. Not quite yet. However, after weeks and weeks of no-show Scott school, I began to wonder. During our Second period class together, I had asked his friend Tommy Cook where Scott was.

"Scott is really bad man …" Tommy I was told

"What do you mean?"

Tommy then informed me that Scott was diagnosed with mono just before the child had broken with him. I immediately thought "ouch broken heart" very, very, bad really was.

I had not been around Scott for two weeks after the break and I thought I needed to leave the house, you know the party, doing things in high school. So one night was supposed to be this big party going on more than one friend of mine and Scott's house, I thought "this is my big chance to leave the house and socialize over again "I called Scott and reluctantly said he would be there. However, when I met Scott at the party that was acting very abnormal, much less talkative and uncomfortable in general. It was not until 12 pm when I realized I had really gone. Around the same time Scott's mother called me and asked where was. I was at a loss for words and that you had no clue about the whereabouts of Scott. Apparently, someone at the party told me that Scott jumped the fence and ran after one hour in home matches. The weekend after that I simply can think, it was too big for him to start, Scott must have had some anxiety about the number of people who had attended, and I'll do something small for him at home. Tonight was the night more important in the whole episode for me, tonight's episode manic Scott Bennett was at this point so powerful that you almost manic fact only too. Began being only one night in the apartment, but later Scott wanted to hang out. Later we are talking about things like space technology, musical, etc. That was until Scott said something so unusual. He had told me that he could control what was happening and that he was a superhero and if he believes what not and could not die. He seemed so sure that I almost had to believe him. On several occasions I have said time and again that he was a super human, they were all over that simply did not know until I explained its ideology. I was sitting there trying to find logic in what he was saying, but could not, however, at the same time a part of me really believes. Now who knows, not everyone wants to be special? Nobody wants to be the average person who goes to school, work, returns home has a normal life. If someone approached you and said you were more than that, that you were superhuman and alteration of mood, do not you think? Day Next I woke up to find holes in the logic of what Scott was saying, but decided to live on their explanation of life and how we live, just by one day. And just for that day, seemed to believe me. "My belief" became strictly a sudden interest in what he was doing act Scott, so. Every time I talked to him since that time there was a new concept, a new idea added to the original preface of the physics of color and mind extreme attitude on the matter. At one point in time Scott had told me that he could bend light and color of the strength of a TV screen goggles 3-D. This does not necessarily believe but absolutely fascinated me. Scott truly believes in what he was saying. If you thought that would, if believed, was going to happen us. There are many different ways to the ideology of Scotts, but appeared to be the general concept "and believe me, well I was going to happen, you see it and I think the good then you are going to happen. "Scott had now determined that these things were real, by basing the science of light and color to new research had found that Scott had been able to convince so many people and so many people freak out with predictions due to the fact that he was simply mesmerizing without realizing it. Scott scare people with a special trick, I would see a white car, a red car and a black car, more than any other car on the road, simply because he has said and that these are the colors had a particular meaning. Ladies and gentlemen who read this, what Scott was doing was a form of marketing. Of course we're going to see more white, red, black or cars, if someone says, looking straight in the eye ", you will see this" more. You're brain can not help it, have been alerted to watch the red, black and white because of an interesting conversation, and whether or not the first thing we think about as you look in a white car red or black is that time the person who looked into his eyes and told me see this. And people did not realize, Scott did not realize it, thought it was a powerful being with the ability to predict the behavior human, causing them to behave a certain every day so. He did what people perceive as not so everyday everyday. He was making people behave a certain way for them unknowingly hypnotized to believe that yes! He used his trust in what he said to hypnotize people and events he wanted to see! For best example, Scott would say, I bet you know what you're week was similar, and a curious person that can be asked what it was? And Scott would say, with the maximum amount of confidence, it was boring was not? And for the second, in the brain of someone, as Scott said something like that in fact, with so much confidence, ultimately, I believe. They remember all they had a dull moment in this week and not knowing how to analyze them. This is what people understand, everything else? They could not find a meaning for, but the fact that Scott had "predicted" the week they were questioning whether it was real.

One day, about half of the episode of Scott Scott tried to tell me that 1 made equal to 0. He was so confident, so sure in his explanation that made me think about what possible logical forms which came to equal 1 0, was less sure that there was no way I could be wrong that my brain had to find an alternative meaning and did so. He had told me you had a limit, and it was human nature to limit things and if you can really understand a matching 0 they would break a spiritual realm and reach a whole new level of understanding. For me it was a desire to be special and convincing Scott made me think about the logic of equality so 1-0 was that the limits were in fact man and that one is as good as due to the nature of man to the limits 0. Now later I realized how wrong he really was, and my interest in the behavior Scott grew up.

It was all very interesting until one day, Scott began to tell me that he was the second coming of Christ. Now this for me was too much to be still interested I was one who studied physics and the universal concept (which are two very distinct and widely investigated fields) and new points of view Scott and polarity in them, and now Scott had brought a religious aspect in their natural "color" and "creational" ideology that had once looked interesting. Suddenly, with the religious part brought had lost interest in the story of Scott, and for me the view once fascinating and surprising Scott things become a cult, with a preacher that could really believe. Do not take anything to Scott but he really believed what he believed and on a par of weeks after he lost interest, then fell back to earth and now has written in detail about his manic episode. During this time, when I talked to He does not suggest or theorize about things, I knew things. He could travel time by using light waves and the acceleration of particles with the correct colors. He could predict how someone would act through the signals received from colors that were more in tune with. Scott Bennett in mind that it was God.

Part 5: The Notebook Yellow

During my manic episode I was constantly trying to persuade people around me that I had abilitites special. I spent 30 minutes trying to do magic tricks with my parents. I kept talking with Tommy trying to come to believe with all my theories. A symptom of mania excessive talking and my parents Tommy and most experienced. It was quite strange. In fact had no control over the amount I spoke. I would like trying to get from point A to point B in my talks but would not have the course right away and just stay off the track until I asked a question and then me again do.

Most people gave me blank looks when I speak my theories for them. Some names of the theories of mine were my yellow book, Rainbow theory, theory of the bubble, circular theory, and Rubix Theory. Rubix theory was thought that he could read the color combinations in the bucket to find out how to move the square. I tried a couple of times but never tried for over an hour at a time.

This is the first page of my book yellow, shows how my thoughts were working at that time.

What made me think about it … I wrote this because I wanted to find the answer to a question I had. I am thrilled to find that after writing the title question. I had solved a problem. Or should I saw "that had solved the problem "This is more accurate because he had answered the question. And then I had to stop and figure out this … on a separate sheet of paper. Haha I'm back, I realized that the stop …. is a relief. Stop being so sad. We are being so mean to ourselves that we do television programs that are installed online predators. It's sad. Sadness is the sight before happiness. If you start to feel sad you feel sad, mentally and physically, revealing what makes you sad are the circles of life that just occurred. Dictate your mind at a good pace to see the "good" of everything. Setting up your account in bipolar mode, but unipolar feeling is the goal in this case because the physical actions are the reactions to think happy thoughts. If you're sad … then one can logically happy. Therefore are happy. Think about your happiest moments, and you control your destiny. I'm sure you can think of a good. Go do that! Why not? I do not know what my first thought was, but now I do. I wanted to commit suicide than ever before. And I, of course, demonstrated why not. I can do this only a few words. Do not kill yourself. Life is evolution. Do not end the evolution. I'm writing a book for myself. No one else will read this. Imagine a time. I'm having visions. I can create the future. I was born with creativity. I'm going to see the future. I know the future? I think in three dimensions. At some point I have to write a book of double circle. I understand the meaning of color.

This part of the day, an extract of my writing early manic my argument that a = 0, my main theory at the time be manic. This was my argument based on an existence. I wanted to prove that 1 = 0 to show that the concept of infinity can not be understood mathematically. This was taken of my own handwriting on paper Human Manifesto calls me.

Human Manifesto

I will demonstrate to you that you can find the solution to everything happens to think in circles all the way to the mathematical representation 1 = 0.

"." It is a circle. "O" is a circle. Or a full on one point. A point is an open circle because you may think you could have an opening at one point that the human eye can not see. Realizing that a full circle may actually be open is the way of faith. Mathematically, faith is expressed as 1 = 0. Their religion is where you set the limit in the faith. The Christian faith is limited. Is equal to "one" unlimited faith is when you put your faith zero. Atheism is "zero." Is unlimited. If a person's faith is set to one then given a value of one. If you see that 1 = 0 in circles then each number other than zero is a subcategory, a limit. That makes Christianity, Islam and Judaism are all subcategories of atheism. Being an atheist is to believe that 1 = 0 because they have faith in the God of Atheism, "not absolute zero." This circular is the theory applied to faith, but there are circles within everything. One person asks questions like "why?" because they want a "solution." For Christians, Christianity = 1. That is your answer. The atheists are always asking a question. The differences between physical and mental levels are the war in the mind of every human being. We try to relate the two. It's how we see things. Apart from animals, human beings are capable of making war and signing peace treaties. So the question of the physical level is the "What?" And the question is mentally, "But what if?" It is a circle. Mentality of a human being is an ever-widening circle. Nirvana is when a man grows his circle enough to achieve peace in life. This is the mental-aging. The aging of the human mind is growth within humanity. This growth leads to maturity, his mental age is the measure of their own maturity. To be ignorant is to ignore the "zero" at maturity. This is "immature ignorant." Not wanting to be ignorant is to have faith in a = 0. This is the mathematical representation of the faith. Having faith is the result of mental-aging.

Language is the basis of human interaction. Other animals have only instinct. The animals believe in "zero", but I think one? 0, as a Christian, a mental age limit is reached. If we know that language is the separation then we know the circle of the origin of the domination of humanity. The circle of physical / metal can be applied to the tongue. You can then re-apply the theory driven again after finding the values of a = 0. This is what the opposites. "1" and "0" equal to each other. Because opposites as the circle in the language. We just need to find way "=" (resolve) the opposite. We must find the faith to believe in a = 0, because we have faith that everything can be expressed as "2x" when simplified. This is the meaning of "forever" in the numbers. The symbol? two circles is infinite. You can always melt the two circles of any element in one and if a = 0 then 2x is infinite, because 2 (0) is infinite, which is forever. If 2 (0) = 0 0 = 1, then 2 = 0 and 3 = 0 and 4 = 0 and 5, and so on. 1 = 0 is the simplified version of the mathematical equation. "1 = 0" is faith. Is the answer to humanity. It is the human equation. All of the human person is a circle. Humans have invented the language, the tool of mankind. There are many. It only takes two for a human to operate correctly, a "physical" language and a "mental language." Their language is, therefore, his thought "mental" and mathematics is physics. You are born with the instinct of mathematics, but because human beings have reached a point that bilingual-minded, then we must find our "a" and "0" existing in humanity. I just need a language to think and to this point, now consider this as English. My math later learned may be limited by looking at my math classes more difficult to make, but I have had two harder math classes because I've seen Mathematics in two different languages. Last year as a 11th grade student at Oakton High School in Fairfax County, Virginia, and took Computer Science Honors and Pre-Calc. I ended up with a + D (73) Honors Pre-Calc and C (74) in computer science. My circle may be growing, but now I'm back at my education in two languages and, ironically, I take the easiest way possible, the math class you had to choose. I am taking Probability and Statistics in its latest year, a very simple class. I've been a C student when it comes to math throughout my education. The same can be said for my English and Spanish. I can History get an A in. I had too much looking back, had to look at the "0" and then "1" in my life and once you found "=" "1 = 0", then I discovered the same instinct first of anything currently living. Living things use language. You must be wondering: "How 1 = 0 if there is life and death? This is our first "mental" instinct and our "physical" question. Mathematics is the beginning.

Think of mathematics as the beginning and then apply the theory to implement circle time "ing" mathematics. Language is a sub-category of mathematics. Everything falls in mathematics. All things can be derived forms of ALL. A circle, 360 *, is every aspect, which is the view of faith. If you think that in 360 then you can find faith in a = 0. The misfortunes of mankind, all faults, in a group, are what prevents us from considering that 1 = 0. If you find the language of life then you must believe in the theory of circular because I remember how "2x" is infinite and if you take two points on one end of the AC cycle, you can create connections to infinity in all aspects, which starts by finding two points of something. The "x" in "2x" represents a point because once you make a circle, two points away. Now is a circle. Infinity is circular and a circle is infinite. This application of the 1 = 0, in English, meaning that the answer to everything is reversed vice circular motion, or, unipolar movement. We can easily find our "one" values and "0" values mathematically everything (including words) is an opposite. Learning of errors is the equation "1 = 0" and "=" is the party to learn from mistakes. Everything is a circle. You are a circle. Your mind is a circle. Do you think in circles. The "=" is going round in circles. Peace is seeking smaller circles. The war is finding circles large.

That's how I found my conclusions. I found one of my values of 1 = 0. I'm alive. So I see death. Seeing life is what I am trying to do. I think in circles. I try to think in circles. I try to think in circles. My "want" is my spiral of temptation in search of "=" to "1 = 0." I had a revelation, man invented the temptation. The temptation is the circle of his consciousness. To believe in a = 0 we must understand the concept of infinity. The sky is the limit. This is a slightly blurred simple. Infinity is the limit. One is zero. Zero is equal to one. Evolution is the natural way to learn the ways of the infinite through life. So if you have this faith then you are a circle. Once you become a circle are all circles. potential of the human brain is said to be 10%. Potential is the measure of a circle. Humans are only 10%! Think of the circles! If we are at 10% then we were both 9% and hopefully will be at 11% and so on. Believing is seeing. If we look 100%, then we find the 0%. Retrospect is the language to -100%. Math, language, infinity, and faith. These are the small circles of life. These are the smaller circles physical and mental that a human can see. To accept death is the decision end a human being should do to make a circle of your life. Do not accept the suicide death is reached. I saw the light of a mere human can see. No faith is the result of suicide. If you find the faith in "zero", then set a limit, you can not find faith in "a" and "One = zero." During life, the time to measure our faith makes us like death. If we limit to make one? 0 then we are doomed. Circular theory can be an answer to infinity, because infinity is equal to the opposite of the finite, which is 1 = 0 and finally a circle. The man grows a mature, thinking circles.

Trauma is the opposite of nostalgia. The distinction of Trauma reaches the ultimate limit of a human being when the suicide takes place. Smaller circles and larger circles is as the solution of life is drawn. Find a way around the circle is how we grow. Thinking mentality in values has a chance to go "+1" and "-1". Thus, the human mind is the point in time we are in the circle of our mental age. Time is how we are like a circle. We are increasingly less ("-1") and growing (1) in our stability. Time is a force. The time is "1" value and "zero" represents the way we view life. Faith should be used within the logic and meaning of "vice versa" to find the sign "+" from "time. I've been looking for" +? "because that's what want. But I had to travel in a circle of disclosure be worth? " Adding "-?" In my equation. "-?" and "+?" together to do?, demonstrating why then 1 = 0. We see this as infinite as "?" Because we see everything as bipolarized. Good or bad. An impartial mind is my mind. human mentality is defined as a spectrum of so happy and sad, hot and cold, good and bad, I have fought a war in my mind to the point that told me to stop contradicting in my head, because I became fair to life. I have an unbiased opinion to humanity because I changed my mind. I created a new mentality. Now I think in circles because right now I'm on the trail of string theory, which is a circle. Polarized experience of a human being can be measured by trauma and nostalgia. Individuality is achieved by measuring yourself on your way. If a circle exists at all, then The Spiral is when you find the ends, the inner circles. Revelations are the obstacles of mentality that we have been able to overcome. Revelations are the circles we create. When we make a circle of 2 opposite emotions, or human obstacles, we have our disclosures. A revelation is when you want the + "?" in life, but we know that "-?" exists and that together they become simply "?" but rather as "0" or simply "." Each filled circle or to the human eye is an empty circle. Belief is faith. The revelations eventually materialize. Time is the "=" of all things. The Time is one way to find loopholes. The unknown time is a black hole. Memory is the source of the data from human use. Memory is a "sub-circles" of mathematics then a sub-circle of time. The understanding of time is measured by the patient. "Patience is a virtue, until the silence burns you. "(TV on the Radio), I repeated that phrase to myself over and over since his album, Dear Science out. Now I realize that I have found many responses in music. Instead of explaining how he was influenced, I can tell you the results of influence. Here are the results of my lifetime obsession with music.

I've always thought of music as: "The music never betray you." Music is the result of evolution super. It is easy to measure changes in these days to see the technological and environmental adaptations. Technology is the natural evolution of life. How you adapt to the adjustments to the current environment is the way to measure mental development. We are at a point where you can ask your burning question for me. I will apply the "What?" / "But what if" theory to mind. I will disclose subtle temptation is unknown is you killing. Now I'll show myself to do it.

His first question after seeing the visual of "0 = 1 "when they say that there are no such things as exact answers. This question shows that you have faith in" one? 0 "and apply your mind in nature. Because to get an exact answer, you have to look at the exact answers. Think of your mind and data. Think as a team. Think in binary code. "1 and 0." After you believe that a = 0 we can find the solution other than the opposite solution. Remember that 2x = time. Time results in evolution. Evolution is the 2. We must use time as our tool of domination. The simple circle can reach faith more you'll find larger and circles represent evolution. If you do not believe that this circle could have filled an empty center visual. Then remember how Trauma and Nostalgia work and apply it to their memory of life. This is the human circle "of the data." Our memories are not perfect. But if we are half way to believe in "a = 0." I can convince the circular translation of my thoughts on human existence on paper. You see that I go in circles. Say a 100% contradiction can only reach 100% for total control by some foreign purple, because nothing is perfect, right? If this contradiction "100%" have been applied to humans. How do you persuade someone? I've proven to you now as words on paper. In English I argue with / persuade / convince people not often. I discussed all the time. Who is not? An argument is a circle. "100% conflict" is equal to "-100% Persuasion." Once again, we see "0 = 1." The sign "-" The question represents. Doubt is the inability to overcome fear by negative thinking. We see the negativity as amoral. I see it as a virtue. It is simply a smaller circle of patience. Only think of our language makes the so-called "negative thinking" hurt us. We are very advanced in the language are sophisticated enough to kill, due to existence of negativity in our minds. But we can not attribute human emotion negativity yet until we accept and embrace negativity and see the circle between two points "positive" and "negativity." imminent death of the human race is because we thought "negatively" We must change our mentality, our Fortunately, to believe that "1 = 0" so that opposites do not affect us. In the darkness, we must find a light that is found. The light is in the dark and vice versa! A circular hole in the opposites of Darkness and Light is the logical and literal circle of life. I wrote this whole theory of five hours after write the following phrase in math class: "What made me think about it …" Chapter 2 shows the spiral resolve I started to fall through from and how it came to these conclusions. I said I was going through a manic episode, which seemed to know, but I was not. What we went through a break through Math. A literal break ..

Also I have a bag that says that music = life in it where I keep all my writing paper copies of maniacs. These days I get, get something, and scare myself. The most chilling I've found is that a post work it says …





This is heaven …

I thought in my sleep, when I wanted to die, I had imagined that somehow I'll kill myself in the conscious world, because in my dream I had in the subconscious world. My world felt so elated and full of energy that everything seemed unreal to me. Therefore, my logic came to the conclusion that I was in heaven. Interestingly, I experienced what it really is mentally to be sent to hell. I was driving around with some guys that I had just met and some of my friendly and kind of looked like me driving and this was a leap year day and for some reason I thought that I was a year ago. He was even acting as if it had been a year earlier. He was even driving the same car as mine. I started to freak out and everyone started to believe all that half-seriously told me that unfortunately led me to ask them, I'm dead? I jokingly said, "Yes, Scott, who is dead and to bring to the devil." They did not realize it was manic the time for what he believes exactly what he said. It was night and I was afraid of my mind and I began to confess everything that was wrong and my last will and other things that nature. That day I was thrilled to discover I was in heaven, but when they told me I was going to hell I said to myself … "Oh, I did wrong, this is purgatory. "

The following is a post-it.

When the eyes that see Dark reverse. Dark = subconscious dark control is to fall into the subconscious. The senses are the limits. A sense of unlimited is a color. A rainbow is a color scale. If life is black and white death , then agree that the communication of color derived from 1 = 0. There is no limit on color. Not at this point.

Here's a theory I found mine on my computer. It was the primary theory of my episode. In fact, I wrote this while I was manic. This bothers me because I am personally actually theorizing about a maniac who was experiencing symptoms.

Spiral Theory

You will to travel the path of a question mark in respect of Mathematics of three-dimensional perception, both literally and mathematically by the addition of language English less complicated to more complicated language of mathematics. The meaning is conveyed in language. The meaning is when you accept 100% human faith in an idea. We think in English and Mathematics. Mathematics is just a simpler version. To be in English and Mathematics, you must understand that English is a sub-circle Math. And to convince me 100% on how to respond to a question, you will not see the literal meaning of the symbol that is a question mark.

You see, I just kept my goal of completing the circle of my concept. I started and finished, passing "The meaning of a question mark." It seems I successfully completed a circle, but what I am doing is actually a spiral. My thought is the Spiral. This is how solutions have come up with. Learning from mistakes is to simply turn away in fear and spiral toward the center front of a question. A central question is the answer to a question. To make a complete circle FEEL in mental status, as if you have completed a circle. You have faith at this time that I went 100% successful in a circle. That is his answer to a question is. The answer to a question is a circle. A question never ends, so it is infinite … Right?

The three points I represented is an ellipse that is transmitted in time of written symbols. For us three points is considered as a pause. 3 moments in time is what a pause. If time is represented by a point and time is infinite. Then the three points is three circles feel infinite. If you put the three circles, one circle would be generated empty. His mentality is the measurement of emptiness is the physical reaction to limit the human eye. The human eye as a sphere represents the vision. Vision will under review to be all that you see on the outside of your eye. The pupil is, literally, do the opposite of knowledge as a physical form. You process information incorrect due to a physical reaction to the mental reaction of fear. Fear = the unknown. The opposite of fear is hope. Fear results in mental sadness that estimated physical and chemical reactions. Hope is the result of mental happiness, which then calculates physical and chemical reactions. The hope is happiness. Find joy is completing a circle of happiness. Returning to the "physical reaction to the perceived emptiness is a chemical reaction the limits of the human eye. "Zoloft is an antidepressant that forces your body to feel happy chemically. Guided by a medicine to prevent suicide is a substance chemical that causes a counterclockwise spiral of death. This is an outward spiral out of control. Spin control is depression, the inability to control his mental state. Turn out is literally a ball-shaped growth "out" is seen as an address of a spiral. We can grow physically to go this direction. If we spin out of control we feel anxious and depressed, then that makes us so overwhelmed you feel bad physically. This can lead suicide. Suicide is the opposite of life. Life is a measure of something in time. A limit on something. Death is a limit on Life is therefore a measure of something in time. In order to feel the physical time, wait. Your physical body is waiting for your body to process the information of the unknown that is looking to to react then by growth. This act of the evolution is a chemical reaction to a mental perception. Humans are the only animal that has a math and a perception of death. You can see a language and a limit. Using language that can change our perception of the infinite. Remember have seen those three points I drew? Your subconscious processes the act of "ellipsis is three dots representing a time line, therefore, after 3 points. Three moments are made, which is a measure in time, so I order my physical body to feel a time value. "The end of time is death, as shown by human life. We are able to see death and mathematics think in opposites. We believe in an empty circle bipolar two-dimensional. This is how mathematics is resolved. We have to think in circles to resolve an issue, obviously. What if we thought of spiral? What if we redefined the concept of infinity to refute mathematics, while a number is a placeholder for an infinite value. But because we believe in a circle, we limit our concept of infinity that of a placeholder. Placeholder has a limit. The opposite of infinity is the limit. Any limit can be defined mathematically as 2x, where x is time. 5. 10 days. 2 seconds. One time. If Infinity is represented symbolically? [Definition given by Wikipedia] a figure of eight, and the time we now know as 2x. Then x is infinite. The time is infinite, it can be expected to be infinite properly. The symbol of a figure eight represents a route, a route infinite. Because written as a figure of eight, our concept of time is a circle. A path of a circle is infinite. This is what string theory is. String theory is saying that the way to infinity can be represented by a circle. String theory is saying that? traveling in the same path as a circle. A circle, however, is the form of "O" is not?. This because string theory is currently the slightest concept of time. Moving from "?" A "or" is simplification. Mathematics is shown through English, a sub-circle of Language. Today, most brilliant mathematicians to understand the concept of infinity as a void ho

About the Author

Scott Andrew Bennett grew up in Fairfax County, Virginia. Known to have high scores in schools and a lot of government workers in the families, Virignia is where Scott has lived his whole life. He was diagnosed bipolar in 2009 and has struggled with life since, but his writing and music allows him to express himself. To visit his music site go to : http://www.myspace.com/songsofscone%20

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