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A few more Calc 1 AB questions…?

“The relative growth rate of the population of Brockton is .031 and its current population is P(0)=56,800.
a) Right a differential equation for the population
b) Find a formula for the population P in terms of T.

The integral from 3 to -1 of 4^x dx. (not a typo- the integral actually does go from 3 to -1.)

Finally, how do you simplify 11-ln3+ln.25 into 11-ln12? I’ve been racking my brains trying to figure it out, but I can’t. It’s a non-calculator question.

Explanation in addition to work would be GREATLY appreciated. THANKS!!!

1a) P(n) = P(0) + (((0.31)^n)) * (ln(0.31)) + C

1b) P(n) = P(0) * (0.31)^n

3) The integral of 4^x is [(4^x) / ln(4)]

At x = 3 this is (64 / ln(4))

At -1 this is (1 / ln(4))

(-63 / ln(4)) <------------------- Answer

4) 11 - ln(3) + ln(25)................Use the log law that states that log(a) - log(b) = log(a/b)

11 - ln(25/3) <--------Either the question is wrong or the answer in the back of the book is wrong. Typos happen all of the time.


AP / AB Calculus Test – Sample Questions 13 & 14

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